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Climbing The Traffic Mountain
08 May 2008 10:19 pm

Ok I'm still working on the SEO. I purchased Keyword Elite to allow me to pick out better keywords. This software is great. It can select up to 10,000 words. I recommend not doing that much. I stay at 1000 which is a lot more manageable. Once you have the keywords you can use the software to look up the number of searches done in the last month and also the amount of websites who are targeting the keyword. These are then used to come up with a R/S ratio and KEI. These two tell you which of the keywords you want to target. I'm sticking to keywords that are less than 1. This is just a small amount you can do with Keyword Elite. I'll do some articles on it in the near future. It is really speeding up my selection of keywords. And as you know time is money when working online.

I used a number of techniques that I learned from SEO Elite and I'm now seeing more traffic. Basically I didn't have my pages optimized correctly. A lot of the same information is in Profit Lance but I guess I needed to see it again. Anyway my Adsense earnings have tripled in the last two weeks. Definitely going in the right direction.

I've reread the Adsense plan in Profit Lance and am putting more effort into getting at one new page out a week for each website. My goal is to do two. I read how some people are able to write an article in 10 to 30 minutes. Still takes me at least an hour. Need to work on that. Hopefully the more I write the easier it becomes and the faster I'm able to write. Time will tell.

All my websites are now ranked. Four of them are at zero. I know its low but better than the 'N/A' I've had for so long. The fifth website shot up to 3. I wish I could say I did something to make this happen but I didn't. I'm trying to figure out how this can be since this site has the least amount of traffic of all my sites. On another positive note the site I've been working the hardest on now has the top spot on Google for three different keywords and I'm in the top 10 for most of my keywords.

Yet another interesting revelation is that my sites are getting a lot of backlinks. One is over 1000 and the others are right behind it. Thinking of using SEO Elite techniques to drive this even higher. Basically you use the software to quickly find the links of the top websites in the keywords you are working on and get the linking websites to link to you. SEO Elite makes the process easier but it will still be an onerous job. When my sites are making enough money I'll farm this activity out.

Finding Online Traffic
22 April 2008 11:12 pm

I've been spending quite a bit of time learning how to build traffic using SEO. I initially did Adwords and got quite a bit of traffic. However I found that I was spending almost as much as I was making! Not the right idea. So I took a step back and did a lot more studying. I decided that I needed to first get indexed with the search engines. This is useful because it is teaching the techniques of writing much better web pages. Two of my websites are approximately at the 15% level of popularity websites in the world. Considering I'm just learning that's great! However the traffic isn't anywhere near where I want it.

To build more traffic I have had my sites linked to over a hundred directories each. Now working on reciprocal links with websites that are in the same vein that my websites are in. Something I picked up from SEO Elite. I'll see if it works. From everything I've read this should increase my page rank. Right now my first two sites are at PR 0.

Weekly Update
08 Feb 2008 9:58 pm

I'm taking a hard look at how to find niches now. Used a few of the techniques that Michael spelled out and found four niches. (Took about 2 hours) Two of them look promising. The other two are wide open but not a lot of traffic. Frankly I'm surprised but I'm letting the traffic drive my choices. Although it would be pretty cool to say I actually have these domains I found. But the traffic just isn't high enough.

I found these by logging into eBay and finding high volume categories (>50,000). I then used the tools in Profit Lance to find available domains. Once I did that I ran a number of ads for a day to see which ones were getting natural traffic. I figure I can get around a 2000% return on my investment of these domains per year. Not bad.

The domains cost $55 and I'm expecting $1,146 per year from these. Not a lot but a good start. Michael apparently has over 400 domains. If I had 400 of these then that would be about $92,000 per year. Enough to be getting my attention. That's just Adsense. Of course I expect I'll get a lot better at this over time. I'm also going to be adding affiliates to these like Michael suggests. If you want to get the detailed procedure on this then join Profit Lance.

I'll be setting up Adsense sites for these over the day or two. I'm using templates that Michael provivdes to get these going. I've modified these to suit my style. I think it is important to add value instead of just passing things along.

I'm getting more Proft Lance affiliate sales now. Interesting but I'm thinking it is going to be important to expand beyond just Profit Lance. Michael also recommends not focusing on selling Profit Lance only. I've used this as an exercise to learn how things work. In my next post I'll go more into how to use the tools that Google and Profit Lance provides.

03 Feb 2008 9:38 pm

Interesting week. I've been studying a lot about Adsense and the best type of ad size to use and placement. I came across the Google Adsense heat map. An eye opener. I had pretty much chosen the worst places for my adsense ads.

Here is the map:

So I changed the placement of my ads. I created an A and B test. One site I have the ads on the left side of the page. On the second site I have the ads on the top of page and on the right of the page. These are content sites about foreclosure. Here are the web pages:

  • Site 1 with ads on the left and bottom:Click here to see it
  • Site 2 with ads on the top and right:Click here to see
  • For my Profit Lance site I created a number of new ad groups. They are:

    • Profit Lance - BizReview (these are the Profit Lance landing pages. The ads are mirrors of WolfMediaOnline. The test is to see which landing page is best.)
    • Profit Lance - Affiliate (Ads focusing on the Affiliate part of Profit Lance.)
    • Profit Lance - Scam (Negative ads. Seeing if these do the best.)
    • Profit Lance - WolfMediaOnline (Positive ads. This is using my review landing page I made.)

    After the first day the Affiliate ads are the loser. The other three are virtually tied. I also let the Google optimizer do its thing on my ads. The optimizer added a lot of keywords. I'm watching to see if they really pay off. One thing is my Content ads that were getting anemic action took off (i.e.: a lot of clicks). But not much conversions yet. Well too soon to tell.

    Made my first affiliate sale so that was energizing. I'm thinking this week I will start looking for a niche to get into. Like I said before this is a lot of fun. I'm wishing I had started this a few years ago. Oh well, never look back only forward.

    Adword Campaign
    25 Jan 2008 10:53 pm

    Working on my Adword campaigns. I found that without breaking up campaigns with campaign | region | type of search then you really don't know what is going on. So for example: Profit Lance | US | Google. Now the three types of searches are: Google, Search and Content. I found to my surprise that most of my traffic comes from Searches. I'll work on optimizing those ads.

    Beginning Adword Campaigns
    21 Jan 2008 10:29 pm

    Have my first Adword campaign going. I have three variations on the theme of selling the ads. I started with promoting the Profit Lance program. A quality program that I have no issues standing behind. The themes I'm testing are:

    • Straight ads talking about how great the program is.
    • Ads stressing the step-by-step performance of the program.
    • Ads questioning the validity of the program. That is, is it a scam?

    Not to suprisingly the ads questioning whether this is a scam or not are doing better. (I was hoping the second theme would do best.) Why do people always look at the negative aspect to things? This is probably cultural and I think a definite drawback to American society. All that negative media. Of course, people love to look at the misfortune of others. I like to think that given the right circumstances we wouldn't be so negative loving. Anyway I added a number of variations to the Adwords campaigns. Initially I didn't understand how the Adwords Ad Groups worked. I was thinking I needed to add a new Ad Group for each variation of the ad. However when you click on the ad look towards the bottom left of the screen and you'll see a place to add variations within the ad group.

    Now I'm working on placement. I'm pretty much on the second or third page. Kind of the kiss of death. But I'm finding this is surprisingly fun. A good break from all of the programming and project management I do all day.

    Retool Of Website
    20 Jan 2008 10:29 pm

    Revamped the website today. I changed the theme from what was basically a muddled idea to one that makes a lot more sense to me. The theme is to help people get the knowledge that I have spent the last 3 years acquiring. Perhaps I'm a slow learner. Irregardless one thing I have learned is to be successful you have to help other people above yourself. Hence the focus of the website now is to provide information to help visitors move forward using the experiences I have already have.

    I do have Profit Lance campaign in the works in Adwords. My first campaign and quite interesting. I added two new adds to the add group. One is to test whether step-by-step gets more results than thorough. Also I noticed that a lot of ads are either sound negative or are questioning. This may be playing to the fact that people tend to focus on negative things before positive things. Hence the success of CNN (constantly negative news).

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